10 Things You Need To Survive with Sick Kids at Home

10 Things You Need To Survive with Sick Kids at Home

It’s that time of year again - time for runny noses, coughing, sore throats and doctor’s visits. There’s nothing quite like the stress of having a house full of sick kids. Clear your schedule, you’re about to sit at home for days on end wiping noses, making comfort food and dosing meds like it’s nobody’s business. 

After my recent bout with a house full of sick kids (and many Target Drive Up visits) I wished I’d had it more together. It’s so difficult to remember everything you’re going to need for these stressful times, and it’s hard to get away and go get those things when you’re stuck at home! Thankfully, we’ve put together a survival guide to get you through the rough times! Here are the things to get as soon as you notice your family is starting to come down with a dreaded seasonal virus.

Meds -

Stock up on Motrin, Tylenol, Benadryl and Saline Spray. Battle fevers, rashes, stopped up noses and discomfort with these go-tos. For babies, grab the bulb syringe you got at the hospital to clear out tiny noses.

Humidifier and Distilled Water -

Keep your little ones breathing easy at night by keeping the air humid.

Tissues -

You’re going to be wiping little faces… A LOT! Try going for the tissues with lotion for less irritation.

Thermometer -

Keep track of their fever with a handy thermometer. Grab a forehead or behind-the-ear thermometer for an easy and quick reading to make sure your little one isn’t getting too hot.

Pedialyte or Gatorade -

Replenish electrolytes lost by serving up some fruity Pedialyte or Gatorade

Fun snacks -

They might not be as hungry for real meals when they’re sick, so keep snacks on hand that are easy to eat while laying on the couch, such as applesauce packets, graham crackers, bananas and popcorn. 

Clean bedsheets -

Sick ones can make a mess of their bed quickly. Replace those sheets daily to keep them sleeping comfortably.

Doctor’s Nurse Line -

Get the phone number for the nurse’s desk at your pediatrician’s office and put it on speed dial. If you have questions about little one’s health, don’t hesitate to call!

Vitamin C and Zinc - 

Keep yourself well by drinking plenty of water and taking vitamin C and zinc supplements. Remember to eat healthy, wash your hands and take care of yourself!

Friends & Family -

Having sick kids at home is a stressful event. Lean on your friends and family for support and take help if it’s offered. 

Illness is never fun - but with these things, it should make caring for your little ones (and yourself) a little easier!


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