What size laptop will fit in the Gemini Mini?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "Will my laptop fit in the Gemini Mini?” 

Most laptops up to 14" in diagonal length should fit in the Gemini Mini (how laptops are typically measured and sold). Or 13” screen size. However, to be sure and to avoid the hassle of returns, make sure to take one more measurement first.

Measure your laptop lengthwise. It should be no longer than 12 inches in length. If it is, it will not fit inside the sleeve. Our laptop compartments are made to fit a computer up to 12 inches in length. If your laptop or tablet is larger, it may still be able to fit inside the main compartment of the bag.

Due to the variety of sizes and dimensions of laptops available, here are 3 easy steps to ensure your laptop will fit inside the built-in sleeve: 

1. Measure your laptop diagonally from one corner to the other

2. Measure your laptop’s length from one side to the other 

3.  Measure the width of your laptop 

Make sure to also check the thickness of your laptop. If it is much wider than 1", it may be a tight fit, or be too thick for the laptop sleeve.

The main compartment bottom panel measures 12" x 4", the total length with pocket flare measures 18", the total height is 12.5", and has a 15" opening on the top.  

For the button to snap closed at the top of the padded laptop sleeve, we recommend that the laptop not stand taller than 7.5" inside the Gemini Mini.

If you still have questions about your laptop fitting into the bag, or if you are curious about what else can fit in the bag, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@shopwhiteelm.com.

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