Different Types of Flyers: Which One Are You?

Different Types of Flyers: Which One Are You?

Traveling can be quite the adventure, and everyone has their own unique style when it comes to flying. At White Elm, we’ve observed three distinct types of flyers and matched them with our perfect travel bags. Whether you’re the organized planner or the last-minute runner, we’ve got the bag to match your travel persona. Let's dive into the world of airport alter egos and discover which one matches your travel habits!


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The "Airport Dad"

Meet the "Airport Dad" – the person who takes charge of the travel day. This flyer holds everyone's passports, boarding passes, and is always in a hurry to get through security. They're the person you can rely on to be at the airport 5 hours early and grab everyone seats at the gate.


Bag Match: The Almond Skye Sling

The Almond Skye Sling is perfect for the Airport Dad. With its card holders, phone pocket, cash sleeve, and phone pocket, it keeps all travel essentials in one place. This stylish yet functional sling allows the Airport Dad to stay organized and speed walk swiftly through the airport.

The "Frequent Flyer"

Next, we have the "Frequent Flyer." This person has flying down to a science. They have all their stuff perfectly organized, fly all the time, and always arrive just on time. Efficiency and precision are their middle names.


Bag Match: The Coral Aquila

The Coral Aquila is designed for the Frequent Flyer. It offers ample storage, multiple compartments, and a luggage sleeve. This bag ensures everything is in its place, making it a breeze to navigate through the airport and onto the plane right on schedule.

The "Glad She Made It"

Last but not least, we have the "Glad She Made It" flyer. This person is a bit disorganized, usually dressed in comfy sweats, and has a knack for almost missing flights. Despite the chaos, they always seem to make it just in time, often with a story to tell.


Bag Match: The Taupe Gemini

The Taupe Gemini is the ideal companion for the "Glad She Made It" traveler. With its spacious interior that fits a 40oz Stanley water bottle and a laptop, along with various compartments, this tote helps bring a bit of order to the travel chaos. It's stylish, practical, and can handle all the last-minute shoving of items.

Finding Your Travel Style

Traveling is a unique experience for everyone, and having the right bag can make all the difference. Whether you’re the helpful Airport Dad, the seasoned Frequent Flyer, or the laid-back Glad She Made It traveler, White Elm has a bag that suits your style and needs!

Travel Tips for Every Flyer:

  • Airport Dad: Keep all travel documents and essentials in one accessible place, like the Skye Sling, to streamline your journey.

  • Frequent Flyer: Use packing compartmentalized bags, like the Aquila, to keep everything organized.

  • Glad She Made It: Pack your Gemini bag the night before and create a checklist to ensure you don’t forget any essentials.

At White Elm, we celebrate all travel styles and believe that the right bag can enhance your travel experience. Explore our collection at shopwhiteelm.com and find the perfect travel companion for your next adventure! 🌟✈️


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