Can I get the sale price when I bought outside of the sale dates?
  • WE DO NOT BACKDATE OR FUTURE DATE OUR SALES Sales are ONLY valid during the sale dates and hours specified. We cannot offer refunds on past purchases nor can we extend our sale dates if you missed the sale.
  • Out of stock items are NOT included in sales.
  • We cannot offer a bag for pre-sale only to receive the sale price. Bags will be made available for pre-sale when we are 4 weeks out from receiving our inventory and no sooner.
Can I reuse a Facebook discount on another order?
  • Discounts offered by Facebook and Instagram are NOT associated with White Elm and CAN NOT be applied to another order under any circumstance. Facebook will not reissue its discount code, so once you use it, the discount cannot be given again. Returns, cancellations, and exchanges are no exception. We are not able to offer a replacement discount code. 
How can I cancel my order?
Can I get a discount based on my job?
My discount code doesn't work.
I forgot to enter my discount code.
My order has a high value
Are the expedited shipping costs at checkout correct?
I paid for expedited shipping but the carrier was late delivering
I think my package was lost or stolen. What should I do?
My package was undeliverable.
Help! My order has the wrong information!
Do you ship internationally?
Is shipping free?
How fast do you ship?
What is your return policy and how do I initiate a return?
Can I exchange my bag?
How do I ship back my item?
Can I return an item I bought on clearance or in the outlet?
What is the warranty on your bags?
The bag I received is defective / damaged / incorrect.
Can I hang my bag from a hook?
How do I care for my bag?
Will the side pocket fit my large Hydroflask?
Will the Gemini/Aquila fit my 17.3" laptop?
Do you offer 24/7 support?
How can I get in touch?