Summer Fashion Guide: Pairing White Elm Bags with Your Summer Outfits

Summer Fashion Guide: Pairing White Elm Bags with Your Summer Outfits

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, it’s time to update your wardrobe with summer fashion essentials. Whether you're heading to the beach, planning a picnic, or embarking on a travel adventure, White Elm has the perfect bag to complement your look. Here’s how you can pair our fashionable yet functional bags with your summer outfits.

1. Beach Days: The Carina Tote

A day at the beach requires a bag that’s spacious, durable, and stylish. Our White Elm Carina Tote is designed to carry all your beach essentials, from sunscreen and towels to snacks and a good book.


Outfit Inspiration:

  • Swimwear: Choose a fun bikini or one-piece you feel comfortable in.
  • Cover-Up: A lightweight, linen or crochet coverup.
  • Accessories: Oversized sunglasses, beach themed jewelry, and flip-flops.


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Bag Pick: White Elm Carina Tote Bag

  • Why It Works: The organized pockets and sturdy handles make it easy to carry everything you need. Plus, its chic design ensures you look stylish while lounging by the water.

2. Picnic in the Park: The Versatile Gemini Backpack

Picnics are a quintessential summer activity, and you need a bag that can hold your picnic essentials while being easy to carry around. Enter the White Elm backpack, combining functionality with fashion.


Outfit Inspiration:

  • Top: A breezy, linen top.
  • Bottom: High-waisted linen pants or a flowy skirt.
  • Shoes: Comfortable sandals or tennis shoes.

Bag Pick: White Elm Gemini Backpack

  • Why It Works: With multiple compartments, you can easily organize your picnic goodies, and its stylish design complements your casual yet chic picnic attire. This convertible backpack can be worn four ways ensuring you will be able to carry it wherever your picnic takes you.

3. Summer Travels: The Stylish Skye Sling

Traveling during summer requires a bag that’s compact, secure, and stylish. A White Elm crossbody bag is perfect for keeping your essentials close and your hands free for exploring.


Outfit Inspiration:

  • Dress: A lightweight, T-shirt dress.
  • Shoes: Comfortable walking shoes or stylish sneakers.
  • Accessories: A watch and your headphones.

Bag Pick: White Elm Skye Sling

  • Why It Works: The crossbody style is ideal for travel, providing easy access to your essentials while keeping them secure. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your travel outfit.

4. Outdoor Workouts: The Stylish Aquila Bag

Stay active this summer with outdoor workouts. Whether it’s yoga in the park or swimming laps at the pool, you need a bag that can handle your gear. Our White Elm Aquila combines practicality with style.


Outfit Inspiration:

  • Top: A moisture-wicking tank top.
  • Bottom: High-waisted leggings or athletic shorts.
  • Shoes: Sturdy running shoes.


Bag Pick: White Elm Aquila

  • Why It Works: With ample space for your workout clothes, water bottle, and other essentials, this bag is perfect for an active day. Its stylish design ensures you look good even while breaking a sweat.

5. Everyday Errands: The Ara

For your daily errands, you need a bag that’s both functional and stylish. Our White Elm Ara is the perfect choice for a day of running around town.


Outfit Inspiration:

  • Top: A classic tee or a tank top.
  • Bottom: Casual jeans or a summer skirt.
  • Shoes: Sandals or casual sneakers.

Bag Pick: White Elm Ara

  • Why It Works: This bag’s versatile design makes it suitable for various occasions. Its stylish look ensures you’re always on point, whether you’re grocery shopping or meeting friends for coffee.


Summer fashion is all about light, breezy, and vibrant styles. Pairing your outfits with the right White Elm bag not only enhances your look but also ensures you have the functionality you need. Explore our collection at and find the perfect bag to complement your summer wardrobe.

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