The Luna Drawstring Backpack Got a Makeover

The Luna Drawstring Backpack Got a Makeover

One of our latest styles we have added to the collection is the Luna Drawstring Backpack! After the Luna launched in the spring, we've been listening to your feedback on how to enhance this design. Thanks to your valuable input, we've worked to refine the bag and have designed an improved product. Let's delve into the updates we've made for the Luna Drawstring Backpack.

Magnetic Snap Closure in Top Flap

In the initial production of these bags, the top flap closure had less strength and was a little bit less likely to clasp without lining up the magnets. This was something we knew we wanted to fix. To address this, we made it a priority to switch to a stronger magnet for the top flap closure. Now, people can pack up their items and close their drawstring bag and go about their day without fiddling with the closure.

Backpack Strap Hardware

Similarly to the the snap strength, we also saw a need for an upgrade in the backpack hardware. After our initial production, we observed that the rings used to secure the backpack straps in place lacked enough stability. This resulted in the bag's straps slipping more. To fix this issue, we switched to a smaller ring. This upgrade ensures better security for the straps, keeping them in place as you use your backpack. Additionally, the new design allows for easy adjustments while still allowing the straps to thread through for a longer fit.
Your input is truly important to us, and we're thrilled to see the ongoing upgrades we can bring to you.

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