Using Your White Elm Bag for a Spooktacular Halloween

Using Your White Elm Bag for a Spooktacular Halloween

As a mom, costume designer, and treat keeper, it's important to have a bag that holds all the essentials this Halloween!

Here's how we're using our White Elm bags while out trick-or-treating with the kids:

  • Candy Collection: The abundance of pockets in our bags will give you plenty of storage for candy overflow!  You can even designate a pocket for each kid's candy!                                                       

  • Essentials Storage: Have your keys, phone, and flashlight at the ready by tucking them in the bag's outside pockets for easy access.  And don't forget to pack a water bottle for when the kids get thirsty from walking along with your mom-drink! 

  • Hand Sanitizer and Wipes: Keep germs and stickiness at bay by packing your wipes and hand sanitizer in one of the many pockets!
  • Costume Accessories: Let our bags either complement your costume or carry your costume accessories such as makeup, masks, and props. 

Choose a bag that is practical and comfortable this Halloween like our Black Gemini, and take everything you need for a seamless night of trick-or-treating!

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