The Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The Perfect Gift Guide for the High Achiever this Valentine's Day

As a company founded by a mother (who was pregnant with her first child at the time when she started White Elm) - we understand the heart and hustle of women go-getters, and we want to support them in their journeys. This Valentine's Day, we've curated a special gift guide to celebrate the incredible women who juggle the world with composure and determination.

Gemini + Skye Perfect Pair

The Gemini & Skye Perfect Pair

Elevate her function with the Gemini and upgrade her style with the Skye. These two items go hand in hand while allowing her to be hands-free to tackle anything the day brings. 

Black Aquila Tote - great statement piece from workday to weekend while still remaining organized.

Black Aquila

The Black Aquila is for the woman who conquers challenges with grace and strength. A symbol of resilience and sophistication taking you seamlessly from weekdays to weekends.

Shop the Dusty Rose Ara for the Versatile Woman who Never Quits!

Dusty Rose Ara

Her go-to companion that seamlessly transitions from work to happy hour. Designed for the woman on the go, this bag is compact, stylish, and ready for anything, just like her!

Coral Gemini Mini Versatility at its Finest - from Purse to Backpack, this Bag is for the Modern Multitasker Wanting to Make a Statement.

Coral Gemini Mini

For the modern multitasker who embraces every challenge with a smile, the Coral Gemini Mini is the perfect companion. It's not just a bag; it's a versatile statement piece that effortlessly balances elegance and functionality.

The Champagne Maia to Hold All Your Cosmetic Essentials Efficiently & Effectively.

Champagne Maia

Raise a toast to her with the Champagne Maia. Because every hardworking woman deserves a touch of luxury in her life - even for their cosmetic essentials.

Cranberry Carina is Exemplary on its Own. But Pair it with the Ara, and You're Set for Life.

Cranberry Carina

Gift her the Cranberry Carina for the days she wants to make a bold statement. Versatile and striking, just like the woman who wears it.

The Starla Wallet in Taupe for Everyone Looking to Quickly Access what they Need.

Starla Wallets

Our Starla Wallets are designed for the woman who keeps everything together effortlessly. With multiple compartments and a chic design, it's the perfect accessory to her impeccable organization.


We know how demanding life can be, and these gifts are a tribute to the women who handle it all. Share this guide with your partner as a "subtle hint" for your next gift. ;)

This Valentine's Day, let's honor the queens who make the world brighter, one organized step at a time. Right now until Feb. 2, buy a Carina, Gemini, Aquila, or Gemini Mini and get an Ara or Skye 50% off - just use code PERFECTPAIR at checkout. Shop now.


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