Calling Creators, Let’s Work Together!

Calling Creators, Let’s Work Together!

We're looking to spread the word about our timeless and functional bags for busy women on the go. Are you a mom, a professional, or a frequent traveler? Our bags are for you!

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Opportunity to build your following, get free products, and see sneak peeks!

Right now we are looking for people looking to create content in exchange for our product. 

We are specifically looking to work with women who fall into these groups:

  • Moms
  • Expecting Moms
  • Nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • Teachers
  • Business Professionals
  • Remote Workers
  • Students
  • Travel Bloggers
If you have purchased a bag from us already, and fall in these categories we would absolutely love to still work with you and find another way to compensate you for your work with your own bag! 
Overall we want to share the enjoyment that is being had with our bags with more people so they know we are here! If you are interested in discussing further what type of content you could bring to White Elm, please reach out with interest!
From testimonials, travel videos, top-down packing videos, and styling - we want to see it! We can tell our customers are creative and we want to work with you!

 Connect with us today about creating content that both of our audiences will love.


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