Finally, a Bag That Can Hold The Stanley

Finally, a Bag That Can Hold The Stanley

If you’re up to date on the latest trends or even have taken a moment to look around when out and about, you have probably seen hundreds of people carrying around Stanley cups, better known as - the Stanley Quencher Tumbler. Now it’s no secret that insulated tumblers are very popular and it’s almost impossible to meet someone who doesn’t own one, but one of the most commonly owned and respected brands is the Stanley.

What's the Big Deal?

There are several features that make the Stanley stand out and be appreciated by consumers. With its durability and insulation, it’s able to withstand rough handling and everyday usage. It can keep drinks hot for 7 hours, cold for 11 hours, and iced for 2 days. Consumers also appreciate Stanley’s aesthetic, design, and sizing options that allow them to choose an option that fits their lifestyle. Its design consists of a leak-proof lid, the bottom of the tumbler sized perfectly to fit in a car cup holder, and a handle for easy access to take it with you anywhere on the go.

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What's the Downside?

With great features like the Stanley being car cup holder compatible and having a handle for comfort, comes the struggle of not being able to fit it into any bags due to the sizing of the tumbler, which leaves you having to carry it around wherever you go. However, The Gemini Convertible Backpack has the solution to still be able to sip on your 40 oz. Stanley Quencher and be hands-free

The Solution: The Gemini Convertible Backpack

Our Gemini Convertible backpack is the bag that can do it all. It can be used over the shoulder, as a crossbody, or a backpack. With great features like a built-in padded laptop sleeve, a convertible luggage sleeve, and eight spacious pockets to store all your necessities, the Gemini has the ability to organize your bag to perfection. The best part is that two of those spacious pockets run on each side and are large enough to fit almost any size insulated tumbler including the 40 oz. Stanley Quencher!

In conclusion, the Stanley Tumbler is highly regarded for its durability, insulation capabilities, design, and the trust that comes with the Stanley brand. The Gemini Convertible backpack is the perfect bag to allow you to be hands-free and make every sip an enjoyable and reliable experience.


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