Packing the Aquila Tote for Labor Day Weekend

Packing the Aquila Tote for Labor Day Weekend

The long weekend is here, and with it comes the promise of adventure and relaxation away from our everyday routines. To ensure a hassle-free journey, we turn to our trusted, large bag: the Aquila Tote. Packed with all the essentials we need, let's explore the must-haves you need to pack this Labor Day.

Maia Cosmetic Bag

Our trusty Maia Cosmetic Bag is like our beauty sidekick. From the chap-stick you can't live without, to the sunscreen you need to grab in the sun, the Maia keeps you covered.

Water Bottle

Stayin' hydrated is key, and your go-to water bottle can be your sidekick. Whether you choose to climb mountains, chase waves, or explore cute little towns, stay fueled for the adventure.


Stay Connected and Entertained! Who says we can't mix work and play? Our trusty laptop is coming along for the ride, ready to help us conquer that last-minute meeting or sneak in some blogging by the beach. Plus your device will stay safe and secure in the padded laptop sleeve.

Laptop Charger and Phone Charger

Power Up! Friends, we've got the tech, but let's not forget the lifelines – chargers! No low battery mode for us – we're staying powered up and ready for action.


Here's the ticket to our sanity on a long journey – headphones! Whether we're flying or strolling, headphones can bring our favorite tunes or podcasts to keep us company.

Ara Crossbody Clutch

The versatile companion to complete your Labor Day weekend ensemble. This sleek bag is perfect for when you're exploring your destination and want to keep your essentials close at hand. Store your wallet, keys, and any small must-haves in this chic clutch.


Chilly weather? No problem! Toss that comfy sweatshirt in the Aquila Tote because we're prepared for every weather twist. Whether it's a beach breeze or a mountain chill, pack the extra cozy layer you need.


Munchies for the Journey! Alright, snack lovers the Aquila Tote is ready to stash your favorite munchies. Road trip or flight, these small treats keep us fueled and happy.


Sun's out, shades on! Let's not forget those stylish sunglasses. We're bringing the cool factor to every adventure, protecting our eyes, and looking fabulous while at it.


For those who love to read, our Aquila Tote is making space for that exciting book or trusty Kindle. Whether it's beach reading or a cozy vacation bed, we're nurturing our souls with stories that take us to new places, even if we're already on an adventure!

As we gear up for a long weekend, stay prepared for a good time with the Aquila Tote. Pssst! And don't forget the luggage sleeve feature on the back.


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