What's in My Bag?

What's in My Bag?

What do you carry in your bag?

Want to know what we carry in ours and what we recommend to make your life far more efficient and organized? 

Join us as we dive into the essentials that streamline your daily routine and also elevate your style & look!

  1. The Carina Tote: Let's start with the foundation. Our spacious and stylish Carina Tote is not just a bag; it's a lifeline for the modern woman on-the-go. Whether you're running errands, working at the coffee shop, or wrangling up the little ones, this beauty can handle it all.

  1. The Maia Cosmetic Bag: We've revolutionized the way we organize with the Maia Cosmetic Bag. No more rummaging through your tote - keep your smaller items neatly contained within this chic pouch, ensuring they're always within reach. 


In the Maia Cosmetic Bag, we packed:

  • Sonia Roselli Beauty's Water Balm: The perfect on-the-go moisturizer, this Water Balm works with you to keep your skin hydrated, plump and healthy. Plus it even doubles as a makeup primer to simplify your daily routine!

  • Sonia Roselli Beauty’s Water Oil: the secret to unlocking radiant, luminous skin. Crafted to seamlessly integrate into your busy routine, this multitasking formula effortlessly hydrates and revitalizes your skin.

  • Lipstick: Because every fabulous woman needs her signature shade on hand at all times. Elevate your look with a swipe of your favorite lipstick, conveniently stashed in your Maia Cosmetic Bag.


  1. Tablet & Phone: Let's face it, we're living in a digital world, and we're just digital girls (and guys). Whether you're catching up on emails or scrolling through social media, your tablet and phone are never far from reach.

  1. Notebook & Reading Books: For all those brilliant ideas and moments to relax, a trusty notebook & reading book are a must-have. Whether you're jotting down meeting notes or trying to get away, never leave home without it!

  1. Hair Claw Clip: Because sometimes, a messy bun is the only solution. Tame those unruly locks and conquer the day in style with a trusty hair claw clip.

  1. Chapstick: Dry lips are so last season. Keep your pout soft and hydrated with a swipe of your favorite chapstick. Bonus points if it has SPF!
  1. Sonia Roselli Beauty's Water Elixir Skin Prep: First things first, skincare is key! We've partnered up with the fabulous Sonia Roselli to bring you the ultimate skin-prep duo. Say hello to your new secret weapon: the Water Elixir Skin Prep. Hydration? Check. Glow? Double check. Consider your skin prepped and ready for whatever the day throws your way!



Now you have all the essentials to conquer the day, you're ready to take on whatever challenges life throws your way! Don't overlook your skincare needs; explore Sonia Roselli Beauty for products that make self-care a top priority.

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  • Keyundrea Meadows on

    This is what the girls need — great tips! I’ve had the Gemini for a few years now and she’s as good as new. Have to add the Carina to my wishlist!

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