Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher appreciation week is right around the corner and we want to help you support teachers! With that being said, we’ve created a list of 5 gift ideas that you can put together for the special teachers in your children’s lives. 

Emergency Kit for Teaching

Get your teacher a bag you know they would use and love, like an Ara Crossbody Clutch or Maia Cosmetic Bag, and fill it with goodies to get them through the day! Teachers have tough days too and writing your teacher an encouraging note, adding some candy, and maybe a gift card for them to treat themselves after a long day is a great gift! 

Personalized Stationery

Gift teachers with a set of personalized stationery items such as notepads, pens, and sticky notes with their name or monogram. It's a useful and thoughtful gesture.

Classroom Decoration Supplies

Teachers often have to purchase their own classroom supplies, so gift them with a bundle of items such as markers, stickers, whiteboard markers, or other supplies that they frequently use in the classroom. Maybe even something special to help them decorate towards a theme or color scheme you know they love.

Gift cards

Teachers work hard, and a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant can be a great way to express appreciation. Consider a gift card to a bookstore, coffee shop, or restaurant.

Handmade Gifts

Encourage your children to make a personalized gift for their teacher. This can include a handmade card, a painted mug, or a small gift basket with snacks and goodies.

In conclusion, Teacher Appreciation Week is an excellent opportunity to express gratitude towards the hard-working teachers who dedicate their time and efforts to educate and inspire students.


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