NEW FEATURE: All new Luggage Sleeve for your favorite Travel bag!

Have you ever booked a trip and planned everything down to each second but got to the airport and realized your bag keeps falling off your suitcase? Then you realize you should've invested in a bag with a luggage sleeve! You’re not the kind of person who drops the ball, so don’t let your luggage drop your bag! Fret no more because White Elm’s new design is here to save the day! 

For years now we have had it in the plans to add the luggage sleeve to our bags but we wanted the design to be as functional as the bag. That's when it hit us! A convertible POCKET! This addition doubles as a luggage sleeve and a pocket when the luggage sleeve isn't in use.

We love the new pocket because it makes for the perfect spot to keep your valuables close to you: phone, wallet, keys (if you're not using the interior key ring), and any other items that you don't want to risk getting pickpocketed. 

If you are still confused about how a luggage sleeve can be used as a pocket, you came to the right place! 

To convert the back pocket into a luggage sleeve, all you have to do is reach under the pocket, find the gold zipper on the bottom left side of the bag then zip it to the right! Voila, a luggage sleeve! 

If you are concerned about if your suitcase will fit our bags, then follow down below to see the dimensions of the luggage sleeve:

Gemini Mini 

The pocket opening is 9.5 inches across and has a height of 6 inches. 


 Full-Sized Gemini 

The pocket opening is 9.5 inches across and has a height of 7 inches. 



The pocket opening is 10 inches across and has a height of 8 inches. 


Our new 2022 spring collection includes this new feature. Stay tuned for future  updates for new colors and styles with the new addition! Until then, shop bags with the updated Luggage sleeve here.

 To see the luggage sleeve in action check out this video

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