Weekender Bag Giveaway with BE STYLE!

Weekender Bag Giveaway with BE STYLE!


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Travel Bag Giveaway - White Elm Bags

Want a chance to win this Black and White Striped Weekender Lux Tote Bag? Keep reading to learn how!


Thanks to White Elm Bags, I’ve found my new weekend travel bag! White Elm Bags‘ owner, Laura, introduced me to her bag collections. I carried this bag during a day trip to Columbus. Continue reading to see the stylish design and organizational features I love!

White Elm Bag


White Elm Bags is based out of Texas. When Laura followed me on Instagram, I took a look at her bags and was immediately in awe.


I knew this brand was something special the instant I laid eyes on the White Elm Bags’ Instagram profile.


Connecting with Laura was so exciting. We hit it off right away, and I relate to her so well. She always dreamed of owning a boutique, and in 2012 she brought that dream to life.


While getting to know Laura, I learned she is from Columbus, Ohio. What a small world!?


So it is only fitting that my first adventure and weekend out with this bag would be at Easton Town Center in Laura’s home town of Columbus! To say I am excited to work with White Elm Bags is an understatement.


Take a good look at the bag in the picture above. Notice the sides? Yeah those are large, long pockets. I put water bottles and a coffee thermos in each for the day! It was so nice.

DSCF5463 (1)

I chose the Black and White Striped Weekender Lux Tote Bag. It is a classic design, and if you’re a faithful reader, you know I am all about classic fashions.


Black and white colors go with everything, and stripes are the most popular pattern. People feel it is “safe” to wear because it’s a classic pattern.


I love the tan details on the strap and bottom of the bag. This bag is a perfect example that black and brown CAN go together, but it has to be done with subtle touches of the opposing color.


In the picture above, I am showing off the longer strap that comes with the tote. The strap is leather which makes it comfortable and easy to wear over my shoulder. Here’s an even better look at the side pockets which are great for drinks or longer items like an umbrella.


Look how easily I am wearing it as a cross-body tote! I have never found a large bag that can be worn as a cross-body until now! Moms can use this tote bag as a diaper bag. The straps keep the bag in place comfortably. Laura is an entrepreneurial mother, so she totally understands the bag moms want and need.


I chose the Black and White Striped Weekender Lux Tote Bag because of my classic style. However, if your style is bright, edgy, street, or a little more trendy, White Elm has bags for those styles too! Check them out here.


Look! I can fit an extra pair of shoes in this bag. The thing that impresses me most about this tote bag is the space/storage area accompanied by great organization. I have a shoe obsession, and this bag has elastic pockets that protect my shoes!


Ladies, the lining is a vibrant purple color! A true bag lover understands the importance of beautiful linings. This bag is professional and neutral on the outside yet fun and vibrant on the inside. The interior color is like Ultra Violet, the color of 2018!



I am always looking out for my readers, YOU! I observe those around me, research products, and network to bring you the best fashion. I work hard to bring you deals like this giveaway!

Giveaway Entry

Prize? Black and White Striped Weekender Lux Tote Bag

How to enter?

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When is the contest? It begins February 1st, 2018 and the winner will be selected at the end of the day on February 8th, 2018 (which is my birthday)! I want to give instead of receive for my 21st, so be sure to enter and share the chance with your friends.




If you do not win the giveaway or you miss the deadline, you can still shop White Elm Bags. Please, share your White Elm purchase with me on Facebook, Instagram, or in the comments below!




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