What Bag/Color You Need from the Winter Collection Based on your Star Sign

Color You Need from the Winter Collection Based on your Star Sign
Let's discover which color bag from our Winter Collection aligns with your star sign! We have curated this list not only for you to see which colors we think best fit you and your style, based on your star sign, but also so you can explore our most recent collection. 
If you are a Gemini... the Cranberry Skye is the bag for you!
Gemini individuals, with their versatile and adaptable nature, embrace curiosity, social interactions, and expressive communication. They have a penchant for standing out and utilizing colors as a means of self-expression, which is why the Cranberry Skye is a perfect fit!
If you are a Cancer, the Almond Skye is perfect for you!
As a Cancer, you have a nurturing and sensitive nature.  The Almond Skye perfectly reflects your soothing and calm personality with it's rich, earthy color.  
If you are a Leo, you need a... Cranberry Gemini
Leo's are known for their creativity and bold personality,  The Cranberry Gemini allows a Leo to express their boldness with a bold pop of color while still expressing their elegant nature. 
If you are a Virgo, the Black Skye is the perfect fit for you!
A Virgo is modest and practical and appreciate simplicity.  The Black Skye embraces simplicity while also providing a sleek look.  The Black Skye is a timeless choice.  
If you are a Libra, you need a... Silver Metallic Aquila
Libras are known for their charming personality.  They value sophistication and class.  The Silver Metallic Aquila reflects their love for luxury and class.  
If you are a Scorpio, the Champagne Carina is perfect for you!
As a Scorpio, you are mysterious and intuitive.  The Champagne Carina is simple while still adding a touch of shimmer to provide  glimpse into your self-expression. 
If you are a Sagittarius you need a...Cranberry Gemini Mini!
As a Sagittarius, you are adventurous, independent, and bold.  The Gemini Mini is the perfect companion for adventure while the cranberry color reflects your bold personality!
If you are a Capricorn, the Champagne Skye is a great fit!
Capricorns are known for their practicality and elegance.  The Champagne Skye is perfect as it is practical for multiple situations while the Champagne color expresses elegance.  
If you are an Aquarius, you need a Silver Metallic Gemini Mini!
An Aquarius is known for their uniqueness and unpredictable nature.  The Silver Metallic Gemini Mini is perfect as the metallic shimmer is unique and the size of the Gemini Mini will hold all the things for those unplanned adventures. 
If you are a Pisces, you need a Champagne Gemini
As a Pisces, you are creative and imaginative.  The Champagne color is just the perfect amount of boldness for your personality and the size of the Gemini is the perfect holding capacity for all the essentials you carry!
If you are an Aries, you need a Cranberry Skye
Aries are known for their confident and energetic nature.  The Cranberry color is bold, much like an Aries and is sure to express your characteristics!
If you are a Taurus, you need a Silver Metallic Carina.
As a taurus, you embrace elegance and quality which is why the Silver Metallic Carina is the perfect bag for you! The metallic shimmer encompasses elegance and class.  


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