10 Gift Ideas for Dad for Father's Day

10 Gift Ideas for Dad for Father's Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and that means you need to find a present to show him how much you care! While sometimes the best gift for dad is a loving card or note, we know you also want to give him a gift he’ll love. We’ve scoured the internet and found some nice gifts we think your dad will love. Our list is sure to make you his favorite!

  1. Yeti cup or cooler
    Because what's cooler than being cool?? Having something to keep all of your favorite drinks and treats ICE COLD!  It's a good thing the White Elm Gemini can hold up to a 64oz tumbler!
  2. Water-resistant Portable Speaker

    If the special man in your life loves to be out on the water whether that be a pool, lake, river, or beach, a waterproof speaker would make the perfect gift for him!

  3. Massage/chiropractor
    If your dad is one of those dads who work from sunup to sundown you know he needs a good self-care day. Get him a nice massage or a good realignment to make him good as new! 

  4. Smart thermometer

    For the dad who loves to cook, get him the gift of convenience with a Smart Thermometer! Take the guesswork out of cooking! 

  5. Quality time with family
    Take dad to his favorite place with the fam! If that's going disc golfing, the beach, fishing, or a trip to the arcade! Making memories with the family is always the best gift!
  6. Tickets To a game
    With Father's day landing smack dab in the middle of the baseball season, get him tickets to a game night with friends or with the family! He is sure to love it! 
  7. Man Crate (aka gift basket) 

    For a bit more fun and a mix of gifts, you can make dad a basket of all of the things he loves. Pop in his favorite candies, snacks, and drinks, you can even add in some bigger gifts like some wireless headphones, massaging gun, or even a tackle box! 

  8. A custom keychain
    Keep things simple with a keychain! Dad will for sure love a custom-made leather keychain with his name on it or his monogram!
  9. A homemade gift
    One thing that we know about dads is that they are a sucker for a homemade gifts. Have your kids make a homemade card or, for your older kids, have them create something that has meaning for both dad and them! Make sure you have the tissues ready because this one will bring on the waterworks!
  10. Shaving Kit 
    Pamper him with a new shaving kit plus you can throw in some smell-good oils and colognes! 




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