10 Summer Family Bucket List Items

10 Summer Family Bucket List Items

Summer is here and we are here to help you conquer the summer boredom! Check out these 10 awesome summer bucket list items that are great for kids of any age!

  1. Create sidewalk chalk art. Get your family's creative juices flowing with an art project such as decorating your sidewalk with chalk art! For a more vibrant chalk art try adding water! 

  2. Plan ahead for a fun family night out in the backyard! Set up a s'more station with all kinds of chocolate and marshmallow flavors! Layout a blanket and end the night with stargazing! t's sure to be a fun night for the whole family. 

  3.  Play in the sprinklers! Nothing says summer quite like running through the sprinklers. The best part is, it's zero set up and the kiddos will have a blast. Don't forget the sunscreen! 
  4. Fly a kite. Stop at your local dollar store and let your kids pick out their favorite kite before going to a new park to test it out! 

  5. Try homemade fruit popsicles: Try this healthy alternative to traditional popsicles and let your kids help make them!

  6.  Celebrate national ice cream month: July is National Ice cream month! See how many new ice cream shops you and your family can try during July!
  7. Visit a local farmers' market! Help those little kids get excited about eating fruits and vegetables by letting them pick out new veggies to try each week

  8. Go on a hike! Hiking with kids doesn’t need to be as intimidating as it sounds. Find an age-appropriate trail, pack lots of snacks, and make a nature scavenger hunt to go along with your hike. Also, check out some of our favorite convertible backpacks that are great for staying organized while on your hike!

  9. Create a summer reading challenge! Whether your kids are reading or not, this can be a super fun family goal. For older kids, create a reading challenge to see how many books they can read during the summer months and plan a special reward if they hit their goal!

  10. Have a movie premiere night: Pick a movie the family hasn't seen. Get all dolled up, set up a red carpet, pour the sparkling grape juice and enjoy the show! 


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