10 Small Gift Ideas To Pair With a Big White Elm Bag

10 Small Gift Ideas To Pair With a Big White Elm Bag
Already own a Gemini? Know someone with an Aquila? Buying someone a Gemini Mini? Well, here are 10 small gift ideas to go along with the White Elm bag they have or are getting. This gift guide is great all year round, but if you are looking to add some more around the tree or in some stockings, this blog is for you!


Personalize your bag! The rings on all of our bags created to attach different strap options are also great places to add cute keychains!


A planner to start the new year off on the right foot is a gift you can’t go wrong with during the holidays. Also, it’s never a bad gift to get when you own a White Elm bag.

AirPod Case with Clip

Everyone loves to carry a pair of AirPods, especially for work, and the interior key ring in our big bags makes it that much easier to easily grab them from your busy bag. Just attach the new case with a clip to the interior ring, and they are always at the top of your bag!

Water Bottle

Water Bottles are SUCH an underrated gift. Everyone should have a water bottle that sticks by their side. And what’s even better is having one that fits perfectly in the side pocket of your bag!

Check out our blog on bottles that best fit into our bags!


Hand Sanitizer with Clip

If we have learned anything in the past couple of years, it's to have some hand sani close by. Running to catch lunch with a friend, at the gas station, kids are snacking in the back seat... reach for your clipped Hand Sanitizer on your Gemini! You'll thank us later.

Accordion Filer

This gift is perfect for the filer, the organized, and the busy bee. A file holder and organizer are SO helpful, especially when trying to bring important documents from place to place. 

Portable Charger

Last but certainly not least, having a portable charger is such a game changer. And with all of the pockets included in the Gemini, Aquila, and Gemini Mini, you are bound to find a home for the charger that might save you some time!


Our small bags, like the Maia Cosmetic Bag, are made to fit easily in our bigger White Elm bags. Our big bags include 2 interior leather trimmed pockets that make packing the Maia Cosmetic Bag so easy. It is also a fun added layer of organization to have matching small bags for your big bags!


Everyone can use a wallet, and so why not get one that matches your bag?! Our vegan leather wallets are a perfect fit in the Ara Crossbody and any of our larger White Elm bags! 


This is a great gift for someone who needs one big bag for their things, and one smaller separate bag to quickly grab their phone, keys, or wallet. Having both bags at once is a life changer because when you don’t need your clutch, you can stash it away in your big bag! 


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