2022 in Review

2022 in Review
2022 was such an amazing year for White Elm. Not only were we able to level up in styles and colors this year, but there were so many exciting little things we have done that have made huge impacts on the brand as a whole. 

We moved!

One of the biggest things we did in 2022 was MOVE! We moved to a larger warehouse over the summer which allowed us to really elevate our collection in the fall and winter. Getting into a bigger warehouse was a big deal in 2022, and who knows, at this rate we could already use an extra!

The Bags 

We made several upgrades to the bags. Starting with the added luggage sleeve now on all Gemini, Gemini Mini, and Aquila bags. This was a request as soon as the luggage sleeve upgrade was originally added and BOY have we loved having it on all of our bags. The luggage sleeve really enhances how amazing of a travel bag our totes and convertible backpacks really are. 
Another addition we made to the bag collection this year was silver hardware. As of right now, included in our latest winter collection, we have added silver hardware to our new “gray” bag we know as silver. We are so excited to have added the silver hardware to our repertoire and definitely will be expanding upon our silver hardware collection in the new year!
The addition of XL and XXL straps was a no brainer! Everyone has personal preferences on how they want to feel with their backpack, crossbody, or shoulder strap, and that is why we wanted to have options for strap length! In 2023, we will be working hard in the new year to continue bringing you straps sizes and more options for straps which is something that can really make a huge difference in your day to day.

Bag Colors

In 2022 we released a total of 5 totally new colors! We released 2 new colors in the fall, the Black Nylon with Watermelon Lining, as well as the Coffee with Cream Lining. This winter, we added 3 more colors, the Merlot with Cream Lining, the Forest with Cream Lining, and the Silver with Aqua Lining and Silver Hardware. We also elevated the material and color of the original Almond and original Black, which we now know as New Almond and New Black.

Bigger Team

With all of our upgrades, new colors, and more and more customers… we also added new members to our team this year! Being able to expand the White Elm team has made a tremendous difference as we continue to work on new colors, styles, and new ways to make your life just a little bit easier! 
We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store! Be safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Stay tuned to be sure you’re the first to hear about all of our exciting news coming in 2023.


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