Packing Your White Elm Bag - Nursing Student Edition

Packing Your White Elm Bag - Nursing Student Edition

We often see reviews from nurses and nursing students about how White Elm bags are the perfect bags for clinicals and long shifts at the hospital. The versatility, pockets, and features our bags offer, allow nurses to be fully prepared for their day which is so important to us! We want more nurses to know that we’ve got the bag for them!

Sami, a nursing student, is the owner of a Black Gemini Convertible Backpack, and she shared with us how perfect her bag is for her busy days! But, we wanted to hear more. So, Sami shared with us everything she packs for her clinicals! If you are packing your bag for clinicals, or are looking for a perfect bag to fit all of your essentials for studying or working as a nurse, this one’s for you.  

Pencil Pouch

Filled with pens, pencils, and highlighter options for notes - a pencil pouch is a must-have. There are plenty of pockets in our bags for different pouches which is perfect for organized students like Sami! 

Books/Materials to Reference

To make sure she has the right tools to care for her many patients throughout her clinical day, Sami packs her pocket guides including Amelie’s Antibiotic Guide, Bright Futures: Guidelines for pediatric care, and a helpful anatomy and physiology pocket guide included in the Medical Basics Progress Notes workbook – this notebook is a must for nurse practitioner students to be able to organize assessments, diagnoses, and care plans all in one convenient notebook! She also makes sure to pack her Clinical Practice Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners, as well as her current textbook, which is currently HAM’s Primary Care Geriatrics.  


As a busy student and mom, it is crucial Sami remembers to bring her planner. It fits seamlessly with all of her studying materials and is important to have to stay organized and on top of everything! 


Sami spends most of her time on the computer throughout the day. Luckily, the padded laptop sleeve in her Gemini safely secures her laptop with a magnetic snap closure. 

Computer Charger

Being on the computer all day means a charger is beyond necessary!  


With all of the pockets on this bag, there is always a secure place to store your wallet during the busy day. Sami secures hers in the front-zippered pocket for easy access! 

Essentials Pouch

Long days call for an essentials pouch! Similar to our packed emergency kit, Sami packs with her certain essentials throughout the day she may need, like chapstick, hair ties, make-up, and an essential oil roller for any pesky headaches. 


No brainer, the keys are obviously coming along! A fun feature we offer in all of our large bags is a key hook on the inside of the bag. No more furiously fiddling through your bag to find them when you know they are attached at the top of the bag! This is great for full bag packers. 

Nursing Equipment like a Reflex Hammer and Stethoscope

Our bags offer options for pockets and various spaces where equipment can stay safely protected. Sami packs her reflex hammer in one of the elastic pockets and her stethoscope safely at the top of her bag on top of everything else. 

ID Badge

An ID badge is required for hospital workers, and having easy access to your badge is very important! 

Coffee Tumbler

Last, but certainly not least, a tumbler is more than likely filled with coffee. Long, busy days call for some caffeine! Check out our blog on cup holders to see which bag best fits your cup needs. 

Every day White Elm is grateful for our nurses, and we are so grateful we can supply the perfect bags for the long and busy days nurses have. If you know someone who is a nurse, share this blog with them so we can keep helping the nurse community find their favorite go-to bag just like Sami!


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