5 Ways to Accessorize for Summer with White Elm

Five Ways to Accessorize for Summer with White Elm!

It’s Saturday morning and you have been so excited to see your best friends! You have had this day planned for a month down to the last minute, but you don't have an outfit ready because you don't have the perfect bag to take with you. You could load the stroller up with all the necessities on top of your purse, your used and abused diaper bag, and endless snacks. However, you know you will be in and out of the car so the stroller stays in the car. You just need to find a bag that can fit everything, yet remain stylish, for an outing with the kids. Read below how you can do it all while still looking cute as heck!

  1. Gemini Mini
    The Gemini Mini is the perfect bag for a brunch outing with the kiddos! All you need is a sundress, some sandals, and sunglasses! No one will know that you have snacks, a change of clothes, diapers, and wipes in your chic backpack! 
  2. Ara Crossbody 
    The Ara is a great option for when you have older kids and you don't need much with you! Throw on a pair of denim shorts, sandals, a tank top, and the crossbody Ara so your hands are free to hold your kiddos close!   
  3. Maia 
    The Maia is the perfect addition to any outfit. If you’re an ID Card, cash and keys kinda gal then the Maia is all you need. Pair it with tattered jeans, your favorite top, and some sandals and you're good to go! 
  4. Aquila 
    Totes ma goats! Tote bags are the best for pool days! You can keep everything in one spot while still staying organized. Throw on your favorite swim cover-up and the Aquila and you’ll look like you're going to a beach in Italy! 
  5. Full-size Gemini 
    Momma, you're always on the go! You’re headed to the museum and they don't allow you to bring in the stroller. You’re not stressing at all because you have everything you need in your Almond Gemini! Your hands are free to hold your kiddos as you walk through the exhibits! Throw on a blouse, some cropped jeans, and flats with a pair of sunglasses and you are the mom who has it all together (or so everyone thinks!!)


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