Style Trend Alert: Fringe is Hot in 2022

Style Trend Alert: Fringe is Hot in 2022
The spring/summer 2022 runways were filled with fringe! From outerwear to accessories and back again, it’s no secret that the fashion industry has been obsessed with all things Western lately. In the past year, we’ve seen modern updates to both the cowboy boot and fringe jacket - and it seems like the trend is here to stay. Now, we’ve unlocked a new Western accessory: the fringe bag. 
Here at White Elm, we have been a fan of the fringe look since 2018! We launched our Boho City Collection in the fall of 2018, which consisted of 3 fringe-styled bags: black and white Aztec print with brown fringe, navy and white stripes with brown vegan leather fringe, and black and white stripes with black vegan leather fringe. The fringe adds a chic and edgy look (the White Elm way!) The Boho City has just the right feel to complete your outfit whether you are in a concrete jungle, on the beach, or at a party! 
But as all good things come to an end, so does the Boho City fringe bag. We have decided to retire this fun and eccentric style so grab yours while you still can! 



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