Aquila Bag Review by @thedisorganizedmomma!

Aquila Bag Review by @thedisorganizedmomma!


Aquila Tote Review

Author: Lindsay-Jean Brehm @thedisorganizedmomma


I have the Aquila Tote in Brown Vegan Leather, and I LOVE IT!!

 brown vegan leather Aquila tote bag White Elm

I loved the look of this bag the moment that I saw it on Instagram, but I'm a busy stay at home mom of three kids under the age of five. Loving the look of something and realistically owning and using it are completely different things. I love the look of tall vases of flowers on my coffee table, off white blouses from j crew, long necklaces, shoes that I can't run in, and me after a long restful weekend, but they just don't go with tiny kids. I was certain that this bag wouldn't go with tiny kids, but I talked myself into it. It has so many huge pockets, after all!

airport traveling with aquila vegan leather tote bag

My previous everything bag was a stunning black Graco diaper bag with gorgeous white detailing, and matte black hardware. Stunning and gorgeous- maybe not, but it was functional and easy! Mom goals! I could shove all of my kids things in it, albeit most of it was impossible to find when I needed it because everything important always had a way of falling to the bottom. It was impossible to ruin, and I wasn't really worried about it getting a little beat up because it was a backpack, not a piece of art. I'd shove it under the stroller or into my van without a second thought!

white elm brown Aquila vegan leather bag


When the Aquila bag arrived I was equal parts excited and apprehensive. Y'all, this bag is stunning. It is structured and smooth. The outside is gorgeous, convincing vegan leather. The inside is a soft turquoise, waterproof material that begs to be filled with beautiful things. The main compartment of the bag has two huge, flat pockets that are the perfect size for a small tablet, smart phone, leapfrog pad, diapers, and wipes, and three large pockets that have elastic lining at the top - perfect for bottles, snacks, drinks, clothes, school supplies, Everything! Then there's this whole giant space left between all of the pockets. It was easy to see that this bag would be useful for me and my family, but I couldn't convince myself that I could pull it off. This bag is gorgeous and I tend to be a train wreck. I thought that I wouldn't be able to style it, or that my kids and I would destroy it the first time I used it.


white elm brown vegan leather bag packed


Y'all, this bag is effortless! It doesn't need to be styled. It styles itself! It goes with everything! Not only does it make my outfits look more intentional, it makes me feel more put together, too.


white elm brown aquila bag review


My vegan leather Aquila tote is indestructible (just ask my two year old who spilled chocolate milk all over it, then walked on it while wiping up his mess). We have put this bag through the exact same routine as my Graco backpack, and it has stood the test. It still looks as beautiful as it did the day that I removed it from its packaging.


I had room to use this bag as a diaper bag, a computer bag, and a purse all at the same time. Mary Poppins herself could not have designed a better bag! Using the Aquila tote makes me feel like one woman. All of my roles fit in one place. Dare I say that a bag helped my mental and emotional health? Seems extreme, but having everything organized and put together makes me feel like I can take on the world. I can wear all of the hats that I have to wear at the same time, and it's not as stressful because everything that my kids, my husband and I need is easy to find.

aquila tote bag diaper bag review


Last week I used this bag as our carry on for a flight to North Carolina. I filled it with everything that my three kids and I could possibly need during a day of traveling. It worked beautifully, and I got lots of compliments from all sorts of women.


This bag is versatile, durable, gorgeous, spacious, comfortable, and necessary! I didn't realize that a functional accessory could be so life changing. It boosted my productivity, lessened outbursts from my impatient toddler, spurred my self esteem, and made me feel more human. I think that every woman needs at least one version of the Aquila tote!


white elm bag aquila tote review


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