A First Grade Teacher's Aquila Bag Review!

white elm gray stripe aquila teacher bag blog post first grade teacher review
Written by Rayeanne Owen, First Grade Teacher
white elm gray stripe aquila tote bag teacher review with school supplies
I am an elementary teacher who is used to purchasing school supplies for my classroom and students when school begins each August. I want to make sure that everyone has everything they need to have a successful school year. This year, I decided to treat myself to a White Elm Gray Aquila Stripe Tote for my own back-to-school needs. I was blown away by the quality of workmanship, durability and attention to details of my new bag! 
white elm aquila gray stripe teacher bag packed text books
I’ve already used my bag for multiple trips to the library and bookstore this summer.  Collecting books for the classroom library (and my own personal use) means I need a lot of room for the books I gather. The roominess of this tote allows me to check out or buy all the books that I need… with room to spare.
white elm aquila gray stripes teacher bag with laptop and supplies
As a teacher, this bag will accompany me to school each morning with my coffee (my Yeti fits perfectly in the outside pocket), laptop, lesson plan books, and graded papers. It has great compartments inside that hold my snacks, portable umbrella in case of rain, notes and all the items I need to keep my day organized and running smoothly.
white elm gray striped teacher bag packed aquila tote
On the days I take my lunch to school, my tote can hold a large lunch bag, many snacks and multiple water bottles.  I continue to be impressed with how roomy and versatile my Aquila Tote really is!
white elm gray striped aquila tote teacher bag
One feature of the bag that I especially love is the removable shoulder strap. I always seem to have my hands full when I get to school each morning. This strap gives me the freedom to have my hands free to carry in whatever extra items I’ll be bringing into the classroom for the day.
 white elm grey stripe aquila tote bag teacher crossbody bag
I love my job as a teacher.  As I enter my classroom again this fall, I’m glad I’ve treated myself to this new tote to organize the multiple things I’ll need each day. I’m sure I’ll find many other ways to use it throughout the day at school. (For example: we are required to take first aid kits with us to the playground each day at recess. Tote to the rescue!)  I can tell that the durability of the bag will cause it to go the distance with me this school year. 
But my favorite thing about my gray striped tote? It has a new and classy look that makes me even more excited about back to school time!


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