Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here are 10 baby shower gift ideas we recommend for expecting moms! We know there are a lot of ideas that circulate that don't always feel the most necessary, and you don't want to be the 10th person buying your friend a new outfit you don't even know if the mom will like. So, here are 10 gift ideas you can give to any expecting parent that you can guarantee they need, will love, and most of all - will actually USE!

A New Mom Bag & Diaper Bag

We recommend the Gemini Convertible Backpack for new mommas because not only is it beautiful to wear, it has functions that will save you as a mom! It includes two side pockets that fit large water bottles and is great for coffee tumblers, bottles, and sippy cups! The bag also converts into a backpack and allows you to be hands-free throughout the day with your baby. On the inside of the bag, there are six pockets that allow you to pack all you need for your baby, and yourself! The two leather-trimmed pockets on the inside are perfect for diapers and wipes, and the elastic pockets are great for any lotions, bottles, and other little things you and your baby may need throughout the day. 

Ara Crossbody Clutch 

Complete your gift bundle with an Ara Crossbody Clutch! This stylish clutch is perfect for moms who need a separate bag for their personal items. What sets the Ara apart is its versatility, as it comes with both a wristlet and crossbody strap, making it easy to carry in a variety of ways. One of the best things about the Ara is its compact size, which allows it to fit seamlessly inside the Gemini while you're out and about. This makes it easy to grab quickly when running errands or when you only need to carry a few essential items with you. And let's not forget the aesthetic appeal of a matching set! The Ara Crossbody Clutch is the perfect accessory to complement your Gemini bag, completing your look while also keeping your essentials organized and easily accessible.

Nursing Pillow 

This is a great gift for an expecting momma because whether they will be nursing, pumping, or using formula, a little extra support while sitting, for with mom or baby is so helpful. This is also a great-sized and shaped pillow to help support the baby as they begin to grow, roll, and learn to support their own weight.

Nursing Cover

Present your friend with the option for a little privacy while nursing! A nursing cover is a great gift to give an expecting momma for the next steps coming after giving birth. And, if you're looking to gift a few things, pair it with a nursing pillow!

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are a perfect gift for a newborn as they can be very helpful in soothing the baby. It can calm the baby down and promote sleep, which is a great gift for sleepy moms and dads too!

Baby Carrier Wrap

Another great option for soothing a baby, and keeping them calm, is wrapping them to you. This is perfect as the baby gets a bit bigger and mom needs to start getting more and more done. Staying hands-free allows for some freedom for parents, and carrier wraps can support a baby for a long time as they continue to grow!

Personalized Lovie

Is your best friend giving birth to your new little best friend? How about your sister? Gift them and their newborn a personalized lovie with either their name, initials or a sweet name for lovie! This gift could last a lifetime and become a cherished memory for both the child and the parents. Give a gift that is not only cute and cuddly but also thoughtful and meaningful with a personalized lovie.

Baby Bath Set

Baby's first bath at home? Not to worry! Have your friend covered, by gifting them a bath set! This can be the bath itself, soft sponges, towels, toys, and more! Pick a theme and make bath time even sweeter!

Jogging Stroller

More of a bigger ticket item here, the jogging stroller is a game-changer for new parents. Getting outside time with the baby, visiting stores, and getting back into an exercise routine is so much easier with a jogging stroller! 

Pack n' Play

Last but not least, another big ticket item, a pack n' play portable crib! These are perfect if you know your friend will be traveling frequently with their baby. They are even great for parents who know they will have their baby playing in their office, keeping toys separate from other spaces, and overall keeping them safe in new environments.

Overall, there are so many great options for baby shower gifts. Whether you choose something practical, sentimental, or just plain adorable, the most important thing is to show your love and support for the new parents and their little ones. So go ahead and pick out the perfect gift, wrap it up with care, and get ready to celebrate the new arrival. They are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!


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