Traveling with a Gemini Convertible Backpack

Traveling with a Gemini Convertible Backpack

Traveling can be hectic. When preparing for the trip, packing, and making your way to your destination, there is so much to keep track of and it can be a little overwhelming. Whether you are traveling by yourself, with your kids, or with your friends, the Gemini Convertible Backpack will be a life-changing addition to your trip!

The Gemini Convertible Backpack comes with several compartments that allow you to pack all you need while using the bag as a personal item. Inside the bag, there are six different pockets. There are two leather-trimmed pockets that are great for flat items like your kindle, wallet, or phone! The three elastic pockets are a good side for chargers, snacks, or sunglasses. There is also a laptop sleeve that includes a magnetic snap closure to keep your computer nice and safe while going through security and under the seat in front of you.

You got that right, the bag fits underneath the seat in front of you! This is an important factor to note when choosing the best travel bag. Slide the bag underneath the seat, or add it overhead! Either way, it isn't too bulky and it is sturdy enough to keep your belongings safe!

Another reason why the Gemini makes the perfect traveling bag is because of the ability it has to convert into a backpack! The additional adjustable strap can be looped through the back ring to create straps on the back of the bag! This way, if you need to be hands-free, you have the option! The adjustable strap can also be attached to the side rings and be worn crossbody or over the shoulder.

The large side pockets of the bag are also a great function to have especially for travel. Packing your water bottle, but also want a fresh cold drink once you're through security? No worries! Pack bottles, drinks, snacks, and more in the large side pockets that the Gemini has to offer! The Gemini's side pockets are the largest that we offer!

Last, but definitely not least, this bag turns your outfit up a notch while flying! Stay chic while booking it to your gate and arriving at your destination!

Overall this bag gets an A+ for travel. 


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