Let's Compare the Carina Tote and Gemini Mini Convertible Backpack

Let's Compare the Carina Tote and Gemini Mini Convertible Backpack
While our new style, the Carina Tote, and the Gemini Mini Convertible Backpack do look alike and share similar features, there are some important differences to note between the two if you are deciding which one is best for you!

The two do look similar in size, but when it comes to their functionality, they do have some distinct differences that allow them to support different people’s needs better. For example, the main difference between the similarly shaped bags, is that one can convert into a backpack. Therefore, if you are someone who loves the size of the Gemini Mini, but doesn't need the backpack option, the Carina Tote is a great choice!


Both the Gemini Mini and Carina Tote can be worn with the short straps or with the long, adjustable strap attached to the top rings. You can wear it over your shoulder long, or as a crossbody bag. The main difference between the Gemini Mini and the Carina, is that the Gemini Mini has rings on the back to convert into a backpack and the Carina does not have that feature.  

Gemini Mini Convertible Backpack

Carina Tote


The Carina includes two flat leather trimmed pockets, one pen slot in between the flat pockets, one smaller zippered pocket attached to the laptop sleeve, a keyring, and one laptop sleeve with a magnetic snap closure at the top. 

The Gemini Mini includes two flat leather trimmed pockets, one pen slot, two elastic pockets, a keyring, and one padded laptop sleeve with a magnetic snap closure at the top. 

There are a few differences when it comes to the interior features of these two bags. The Carina includes an interior zipper pocket whereas the Gemini Mini does not. However, the Gemini Mini includes two elastic pockets across from the flat pockets and the pockets inside of the Gemini Mini are larger than the Carina across the board. 


They both include luggage sleeves on the back, and zippered pockets on the front. However, the Gemini Mini has a tassel zipper pull on the zippered front pocket, whereas the Carina has a small, hidden zipper on the front pocket. 


The Carina fits devices up to 14.5" in screen size or 12" tall without obstructing the zipper closure. Devices can comfortably fit in the sleeve and snap in place if no taller than 10" with a 10" width max.

The Gemini Mini fits most devices up to 14" in screen size or 12" in length in the laptop sleeve. Devices that measure 8" tall or less will be able to be secured with the snap closure. Check our blog on laptop measurements here to see if your laptop fits!


Carina Tote

Gemini Mini


The Carina fits bottles in the side pockets up to 3.5" in diameter. However, to prevent obstruction of the interior space, we suggest using bottles no bigger than 3.25" in diameter.

For the Gemini Mini, we recommend bottles up to 3.75” in diameter.

We hope this blog informed you more about these two styles and can assist you when choosing which one is best for you! They may look similar, but now you can see where they differ and you can find the one best suited for your needs!


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