How to Pack the Gemini for a Weekend Getaway

How to Pack the Gemini for a Weekend Getaway
The Gemini is no ordinary bag:

It's perfect for travel, work, or a summer day or weekend getaway! When we were designing the Gemini we thought of all the places you'd take your bag and planned for every scenario. Here are a few tips for how to pack your bag for a weekend away!

  1. First things first, utilize ALL the pockets! The full-sized Gemini comes with a total of 10 pockets! You can pop all of your travel-sized toiletries in one! 
  2. The other two elastic pockets are great for keeping your jewelry and hair products/accessories in.
    1. You can use one of the trimmed pockets for your delicates, and the other for socks
    2. You can use the padded laptop sleeve for your hot tools and hairbrush! 
  3. The main compartment of your Gemini bag is so organized and spacious that there is no more digging through your bag to find items. It will fit the clothes you need for the trip! Utilize the Marie Kondo folding method so you can fold all of your clothes nice and tight! (also only pack the necessities!) You can fit 3 shirts, a pair of jeans, shorts and a dress! 
  4. The outside pockets are perfect for your water bottles of course but they are also the perfect size to pop in a pair of sandals or flats! 
  5. The front zip pocket is spacious enough to keep your Maia cosmetic bag that holds your makeup, tampons, or pads in! 
  6. Lastly, the back magnetic pocket is ideal for quick-grab items such as your wallet, lip gloss, and keys all with the security of it being close to your body.



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