Let's Compare the Aquila Tote and the Gemini Convertible Backpack

Let's Compare the Aquila Tote and the Gemini Convertible Backpack

The two largest bags that we offer are the Aquila Tote and the Gemini Convertible Backpack. While both of these serve as a great, large bag for your collection, there are some important differences to note if you are wondering which one to choose. 


Both the Gemini and Aquila contain the same amount of interior pockets. The dimensions of the pockets are a little different when it comes to the laptop sleeve and side pockets, however, the main difference is on the front of the bag. The front of the Gemini contains a large zippered pocket. This allows you a little more storage, whereas the Aquila does not include the front zippered pocket.

Luggage Sleeves

Need a luggage sleeve? Well, then you can't go wrong with our bags. All of our large bags include a luggage sleeve making travel that much easier. When the luggage sleeve is not in use, it converts to an extra pocket using the zipper on the bottom. Here you can see both the Gemini and Aquila sitting on top of an average size piece of luggage. If you travel a lot, consider the dimensions of the bag compared to your personal luggage. 

Ways to Wear

Both bags can be worn using the additional strap that can be extended to fit long over the shoulder, or crossbody. The Gemini has additional hooks on the back of the bag that allows for you to convert the bag into a backpack using the added strap. Watch the video here where you can see how to convert your Gemini into a backpack!



 It is important to measure your laptop to ensure that the bag you get will be able to hold your laptop in the sleeve for safety. Both the Gemini and Aquila have the same measurements.

Dimensions of the two different styles

I hope you have all the information you need to make a decision on which bag is best for your needs! 

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