10 Things Everyone Needs While Working From Home or On the Go

10 Things Everyone Needs While Working From Home or On the Go

Whether you’re a business owner, salesperson, social worker, or in the marketing world, here are 10 things everyone needs while working on the go or at home. If you are someone that works away from your desk, it is important to feel prepared for the entire day. Skip the stress, and pack your bag to feel the best you can for your work day!

White Elm has three larger-sized bags we recommend as work bags: The Aquila Tote, Gemini Convertible Backpack, and Gemini Mini Convertible Backpack. Depending on what you pack, or what you add to this list, maybe one bag fits your needs better than the other! 

Check out some of our other blogs to see which big bag best fits your needs!

Let’s get on to the list of 10 things everyone needs while working from home or on the go:

Laptop and Charger

Whether you’re working from your desk at home, the couch, a coffee shop table, or all three, you need to have your laptop pulled out. All three of our large bags include a padded laptop sleeve! Refer to our two blogs about measuring laptops to make sure your laptop fits! The padded laptop sleeve also comes with a magnetic snap closure to keep your computer safe.

"As someone in marketing, I travel around with my laptop A LOT. I personally LOVE being able to slide my laptop into the sleeve and not worry about it throughout the day while working on the go. I also love how the sleeve isn’t bulky, so you still have plenty of room inside the bag for everything else you need throughout your day!" 

- Elise, White Elm's Social Media Manager and Content Creator


You need to have a notebook while working on the go! Working away from the office is full of virtual meetings and conferencing. Having a notebook for to-do lists, or reminders is a necessity. White Elm large bags are long enough to fit a large notebook, and also consist of two flat, leather-trimmed pockets that also work for mini notebooks and planners.


Not only is it necessary to have a planner to keep track of day-to-day tasks and deadlines, but being able to see a full calendar when necessary during meetings, or while planning out things far in advance is easiest when you have a planner by your side. Because our bags are wide enough to fit laptops, they also fit long planners. So, if you have a 12” planner, don’t stress, your planner will fit great in all of our bags!


Headphones are great to have for the noise canceling when you’re in a public space, and also necessary when you are in a meeting or conference in public as well. If you are like me, a content creator, then you need headphones for editing videos! And, if you go from working to working out, then you already have one thing packed for the gym.


While working out and about, you need to have your wallet. We recommend the Starla Wallet because not only can they match your larger bags, but they also have all pockets you need. They include four card slots, an open slot for cards, receipts, etc., a zippered coin pocket, a clear ID slot, and a slot for unfolded cash. It's a great size, and also has a secure zip closure!


Phone with Phone Charger

Obviously, we bring our phones to work, and it is super important to remember a charger, especially if you’re on the go! With my job, I use my phone to create and post content, therefore it is important for me to have it with a charger so it doesn’t die on me!

Water Bottle/Coffee Thermos

Stay. Hydrated. And maybe caffeinated? Having a water bottle is a necessity because when you’re at your home desk, couch, or on the go, it is way easier to stay hydrated if you carry your water bottle. White Elm’s large bags include large pockets that can fit several different sizes of water bottles or tumblers. Check out our blog on water bottles, to see which bag is the best fit for you.

Essentials Pouch

We have blogged before about Emergency Kits that include all the things you may grab for throughout the day - tampons, hairbands, chap-stick, etc. and we encourage you to go check it out. Because even if you are at home, your essentials have to live somewhere! We think the Maia Cosmetic Bag is a great place for them. 

Packed or Prepped Lunch

Whether you pack lunch at home, meal prep for the week, or always eat out, it is a good idea to think out what you will be eating all week and have space for it in your bag. With White Elm, not only do you have the space, but you have pockets for snacks and drinks, and the interior lining is waterproof. So, if you have a spill - don’t have a freakout, you can clean it! 

Portable Charger or Portable Mouse

Now, maybe not everyone already has one of these two extra devices, but if you are looking for a recommendation on some items to add to your work-from-home/on-the-go lifestyle - it is these! 

We hope this blog can relieve some of the packing stress you may get if you are someone who works remotely. Share this blog with someone you know who could use some extra motivation to become more prepared for the day!



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