Packing the Ara Crossbody Clutch for Date Night

Packing the Ara Crossbody Clutch for Date Night

We’re just a few days away from Valentine’s Day, so what’s a better way to celebrate than talking about what you should pack in your date night bag?! We recommend an Ara Crossbody Clutch because it’s small, lightweight, and a great staple item for any outfit, especially for date night. 

Our Ara Crossbody Clutch bags are currently available in 9 different colors, so there are plenty of options to choose from.  

They include an interior zipper and flat pocket, a crossbody strap to wear your bag long, and a wristlet strap to wear it around your wrist and use it as a clutch. 

The Ara is sleek, and chic — perfect for date night!

So what do we recommend to pack for date night? 


The flat, leather trimmed pocket inside of the Ara is a great spot for your phone! Easy to grab, and it lays flat along the side allowing you to fill your Ara with everything else you may need!

Starla Wallet from White Elm

Match your wallet to your handbag by adding a Starla Wallet to the mix!


Even when the Ara is inside a large bag and you are using it for a quick "grab and go", the Ara Crossbody Clutch is a great place to keep the things you grab most like your wallet, phone, keys, and chapstick!


Want to freshen up before your date? Well, grab some perfume to add to your bag! I recommend a smaller, traveling size perfume that will fit great with everything else in your bag! 

Lip gloss 

A fresh layer of lip gloss after dinner or while freshening up is a game changer, so don't forget to add your gloss!


This one speaks for itself!

Clip or Extra Hair Ties

Maybe you decide mid-date the hair NEEDS to go up! Well, the Ara has you covered. Reach for a clip or hair tie easily accessible from the zippered pocket.

Have fun on date night, and Happy Valentine's Day! Don't miss out on our BOGO Sale we are running right now - Use Code: PERFECTPAIR for 50% an Ara when you buy an Aquila, Gemini, or Gemini Mini.


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