Packing Your White Elm Bag as a Carry-on

Packing Your White Elm Bag as a Carry-on

The Gemini Convertible Backpack serves as a perfect companion while traveling. With the luggage strap function and the ability to convert the bag into a backpack to go hands-free, it is the perfect way to get through the airport. 

Here’s what we recommend packing in your carry-on bag while traveling with your White Elm Gemini Convertible Backpack!

Kindle + Kindle Charger or Book

An airplane and a service-less airport is honestly such a good place to read through that book of yours that you’ve been putting on the back burner. I know that I personally love bringing something to read while traveling because there is always some sort of downtime whether it's on the plane, in the car, or on the beach, so bringing a book or kindle is a great thing to do!

Computer + Computer Charger

Working on the go? Don’t forget your computer, but most importantly, don’t forget the charger! Luckily with the Gemini, you have enough compartments for everything you need to bring along with you. The Gemini includes a padded laptop sleeve that can secure most laptops up to 17.3" or 15" lengthwise.

Phone + Phone Charger

It is important to have your phone charged up while traveling and luckily there are charger ports on the plane. My phone is one of the last things I pack because I am always grabbing it from my bag. I also like to know exactly what pocket my phone charger is in because that is one of the first things I take out of my bag once I am on the plane. Your phone also can access your boarding pass for you, so it is important you have it where you can grab it and fully charged.

Airpods or Headphones

An ultimate must-have while flying is Airpods, headphones, or earbuds. You can drain out any noise around you and enjoy the sound of music or your favorite show you downloaded before the flight! I also think it helps my ears adjust to the pressure while flying. 

Ara Convertible Crossbody Clutch

Packing the Ara inside the Gemini to grab once you’ve landed and no longer need a larger tote is a total game-changer. It also helps keep everything organized and in its place while traveling. Inside the Ara, you may want to pack things you grab during travel like daily medication, hand sanitizer, perfume, deodorant, or gum for the flight to help with pressure.

Starla Wallet

Obviously, you’ll need to bring some money, and probably the most important thing you’ll need to have with you to even make it through security is your ID. You won’t make it too far if you don’t come prepared with a form of identification. The Starla Wallet has many different pockets for the cards you need, and a wide pocket for cash or your boarding pass. It also has a clear window slot for your ID!

Notebook + Pen 

The front pocket of the Gemini Convertible Backpack is perfectly shaped for a notebook or another book-shaped item. You never know when you’ll need to jot things down, and sometimes flying is a great time to journal or write down million-dollar ideas.

Water Bottle

Make sure it’s empty! Having a water bottle while traveling is a must-have, but you can’t bring any liquids over 3.4 ounces past security, so it’s best practice to just pack an empty water bottle. Once you’ve made it through security, you can fill it up, but I usually just pack an empty one so I don’t have to worry about pouring my water bottle out into a trash can while also in the middle of taking my shoes off with the TSA.

Sweatshirt or Jacket

If you're traveling somewhere a bit cooler than you are used to, it's best practice to bring a sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket with you on the plane so you can easily throw it on once you've landed! Or sometimes, if you want to be comfy on the plane, it's always good to just have one you can put on right away.

There are certain things that I think deserve to go in your carry-on vs your checked bag. Whether you have a layover, want to spruce yourself up at the airport, or just want to keep your eye on these things while traveling, here are some items I personally keep with me in my carry-on bag. 

Toothbrush + Toothpaste

You never know what could happen while traveling, and it is important to be prepared. If your luggage is lost or you get stuck after missing a connecting flight, at least you have your toothbrush! Packing it in your carry-on also makes settling into your weekend space easier because you won’t have to go digging around your luggage after a long day of traveling.


Flights can lead to a bad hair day. Personally, once I have landed and I want to feel better after traveling, it is important for me to be able to easily grab my hairbrush instead of digging through my luggage. Therefore, I pack my hairbrush in my carry-on.

Maia Cosmetic Bag

My makeup bag is another thing I like to pack directly in my carry-on. It is important to note that you can’t bring any liquid with you on your carry-on over 3.4 ounces, so if you are packing larger bottles, those can get checked. I keep my makeup collection pretty simple while traveling. The Maia Cosmetic Bag is perfect for carrying the essentials like concealer, mascara, an eyelash curler, bronzer, highlighter, powder, a beauty blender, and a makeup brush. Everything else you need to grab like deodorant, perfume, or hand sanitizer, goes in the Ara Crossbody. 

This list is a great one if you ever need assistance packing or getting inspiration for how to pack! The Gemini Convertible Backpack truly is an unmatched travel bag as it contains a luggage sleeve, has multiple pockets for organization and has straps so you can convert it to a backpack. It also slips right under your seat so you can have everything you need for a stress-free flight. Let us know what else you pack in your carry-on bag!


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