What’s in your work bag? Featuring Tiffanee Bernard, Owner of The Bernard Agency

What’s in your work bag? Featuring Tiffanee Bernard, Owner of The Bernard Agency

As a mom, photographer, and owner of The Bernard Agency, it’s important that Tiffanee packs the essentials she needs to create the best work for her clients from start to finish. Let's hear about how White Elm has been able to assist Tiffanee with always staying prepared while working as the Lead Photographer at her own photography and modeling agency.

Tiffanee has modeled for White Elm in the past and has photographed the past three shoots for White Elm. We are so appreciative of her work and have loved hearing about her experience as a White Elm customer as well. Tiffanee owns an Almond Gemini that was gifted to her from her husband for Mother’s Day. Her favorite way to wear her Gemini is when it is converted into a backpack. She also owns an Ara Crossbody and carries it “absolutely everywhere." She loves packing her White Elm bag over any other bag because of the versatility. Tiffanee also loves that with White Elm, she is able to stay looking put-together and chic, despite all of the things she may have to bring along with her throughout her busy day.

The top three things Tiffanee must have every day for work are her camera, LOTS of water, and her cell phone. To feel even more prepared for her day personally, Tiffanee also packs her sunglasses, lipstick, and a phone charger.

Lastly, as a mom of two teens, it is important for Tiffanee to pack some snacks or a pack of gum as, throughout her and her kid’s busy days, she knows what they will be asking for between school and sports.

Her day-to-day work schedule is always different, but she fills her time with photoshoots, prepping products and items for clients, scheduling her models, traveling from place to place, and of course - editing.

On the weekends you can find her going out to dinner with her crossbody as a clutch, and baseball games for the kids with her Gemini.

We recently had a shoot for some bags that are coming soon to White Elm, and there is a Gemini Mini she is eyeing to add to her collection. Recently, Tiffanee’s husband temporarily moved for work. With more travel plans coming up, she plans on upgrading to a bag with a luggage sleeve as soon as the new colors are released!

Tiffanee spends time traveling from her office to complete photoshoots all over. She typically is anywhere between Dallas and Austin, Texas, with her office centrally located in Pflugerville, Texas.

Looking for a photographer for your business? Check out her website here.


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