The Bag Meant For You Based on Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

The Bag Meant For You Based on Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

Wondering what your favorite Thanksgiving dish says about you? Well, we've got the scoop when it comes to White Elm and what bag is meant for you based on this dish.

Roast Turkey - Almond Gemini Convertible Backpack

If roast turkey is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you are most likely strong, powerful, and of course - classic. When people think of classic Thanksgiving, they think of turkey. And when people think White Elm, they think of the classic Almond Gemini Convertible Backpack.

Stuffing - Black Ara Crossbody Clutch

If stuffing is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you are laidback, carefree, and, like stuffing, you go with everything! The Black Ara is the bag for you. The Ara Crossbody Clutch is so versatile. And when it's in the color Black, it really can be your "goes with everything" bag.

Pumpkin Pie - Silver Gemini Convertible Backpack

If pumpkin pie is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you love being the star of the show. Pumpkin pie is a necessity every year, and without the pie, is it really Thanksgiving?! This is why you need the one and only White Elm bag with silver hardware. Stand out amongst the rest of the pumpkin pie lovers out there, the same way the pie does.

Mashed Potatoes - Dusty Rose Gemini Mini Convertible Backpack

If the mashed potatoes is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you are here for the comfort food. This is why you need a bag that can convert to a backpack, to stay hand free, and laid-back. The Dusty Rose Gemini Mini is small, stylish, and made so you can live your life in a more realistically comfortable way. 

Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows - Black Nylon Aquila Tote

If sweet potatoes with marshmallows is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you are the warm and happy one at the table. You are a sweet and savory person with a unique blend of both classic and fun. Some people may be scared to try this dish, but once they do, they love it. This is why you need a Black Nylon Aquila Tote. It's a unique blend of materials and colors, savory on the outside, and sweet on the inside. This is the bag for you.

Corn Casserole - Taupe Gemini Mini Convertible Backpack

It's corn! If corn casserole is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you love making a statement with your plate. You love warm dishes that feel like home, the same way people love you because you feel at home! Everyone wants someone who loves corn around the dinner table. This is why the Taupe Gemini Mini is meant for you. You can own a warm-toned bag but in a low-key way. It doesn't pop the way other warm colors can, but it still stands out compared to the rest!

Dinner Rolls - Coffee Gemini Mini Convertible Backpack

If dinner rolls are your favorite part of Thanksgiving, you are probably the one who is most excited for the meal to start. Except, right after you eat the meal, you're also the one ready to snooze. Loving dinner rolls is a bit basic, but it's just because you can always count on a good ole' dinner roll. And that's why the Coffee Gemini Mini is meant for you. You can always count on a basic brown color like Coffee and on a bag like the Gemini Mini. The minis are perfect for people who know what they can count on, and know how they can get around day to day with a little bit less! 

Mac and Cheese - Cream Maia Cosmetic Bag

If mac and cheese is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, odds are, you're here for a good time. Well, so is the Maia Cosmetic Bag in Cream. It takes a lot to mess up a classic Mac and Cheese, the same way it takes a lot to mess up a perfect bag that you should always have around, like the Cream Maia! What's also fun about this bag is that you can pack it in a variety of ways, the same way you can load mac and cheese in a variety of ways to make it even better!

Green Bean Casserole - Forest Gemini Convertible Backpack

If green bean casserole is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you go for a healthier option. Not only do you prefer a dish that includes some veggies, you go for a dish that can adapt to every environment, and still appeal to people who maybe don't typically like a lot of green on their plate. This is why the Forest Gemini is meant for you. Not only does the Forest color give off healthy vibes, the Gemini bag really can adapt to every environment. And, the Forest is such a classic dark color, it's a color everyone can compliment!

Cranberry Sauce - Cranberry Aquila

If the cranberry sauce is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, well you're a bit unpredictable and spontaneous. The Aquila Tote is perfect for the spontaneous type because in a flash you can be packed and ready to go! People who love cranberry sauce the most tend to make their voices heard at the dinner table. And just like they like to be heard, they like the be seen too. The Aquila Tote in Cranberry is the bag for you because you like a bag that pops!

Pecan Pie - Merlot Gemini Convertible Backpack

If the pecan pie is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you're the sophisticated one of the bunch. You have places to be and people to see. You love a sweet treat that also doubles as a healthy snack. People who love pecan pie the most are meant to have a Merlot Gemini. This deep purple color adds a level of professionalism to any outfit. A type of professionalism people like you desire. The ability to wear this bag four different ways allows you to wear it even more, which is a quality you value in a leather bag investment.

Gravy - Almond Ara Crossbody Clutch

Lastly, if gravy is your favorite Thanksgiving dish, you are simple in the best way on Thanksgiving. No matter how the rest of the table looks, you know you can add gravy to it and it will fix anything. This is why you need to have an Almond Ara. Sometimes life gets a little crazy, but as long as you have the Almond Ara, not only do you have everything you need for these crazy times, but you come across as prepared and stylish even if you are feeling a little out of whack. What's also great about this bag is that it is so versatile, just like gravy. 

No matter what Thanksgiving dish you love, there is a bag out there that's meant for you. Stay tuned for upcoming news on Thanksgiving deals and ways to save more during the holidays.


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