What's In Your Bag? See how Amanda packs her tote!

white elm amanda black stripe aquila tote bag what I pack in my bag blog post

What's In Your Bag?

by Amanda Owen, Executive Assistant at White Elm, LLC
white elm amanda aquila black stripe tote bag what i pack in my bag
Here at White Elm, we thought it would be fun to share with you what bag we are currently loving, how we use them and what we pack inside of them. For this post we will look at what Amanda Owen, our newest employee, carries inside her favorite White Elm Bag!
Amanda: At the moment, I’m really loving my black stripe Aquila Tote Bag! It’s the perfect bag for All.The.Things. I have 6 year old twin daughters who always have something they want to bring out and about with us, and of course, 10 minutes into our errands, they suddenly decide they don’t want to carry it anymore. Enter, Amazing Aquila Tote Bag! So thankful it always has a little extra space to throw random objects in and free up my hands! Let’s take a look at all my other must-have items, and how I pack them in my Aquila Tote.
white elm work bag what I pack in my bag blog post black stripe aquila tote

My Staples

  • Hair ties + Hair clips (I have A LOT of hair on this head of mine, so these are absolute musts!)
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Phone
  • My Planner (I’m obsessed with my planner! I would be lost without this amazing little gem)
  • Pad of Paper
  • Pencils + Highlighter (never know when your going to need to jot down some things to remember!)
  • Book I’m currently reading (right now, I’m reading ‘What Did You Expect’ by Paul David Tripp. . .so good!)
  • Laptop
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Lotion

white elm black stripe aquila tote bag packed what I pack in my bag

Reasons why I love this bag!

  • POCKETS!!!! - I mean, need I say more? Pockets.Are.Life, and this bag has you covered, with 5 inside pockets and 2 exterior pockets, there is truly a place for everything.
  • Carrying Options - All the straps on this bag are made of 100% Vegan Leather. I love how I can carry this bag as a crossbody tote, or I can shorten the strap and carry it over the shoulder. I can also take the single strap off and use the side handles and carry it in the crook of my arm as a handbag or slide those shorter straps over my shoulder to carry it close to my body. This last method particularly comes in handy when in tight spaces (i.e. airplane aisle, movie theater, etc.) where you don’t want to whack everybody you pass by with your bag, ha!
  • The Print - While I am rocking the Black+White Stripe print currently, this bag also comes in 7 additional prints/fabrics to choose from, which are all equally Gorg!
  • The Lining - The pop of color when you open up your bag is enough to bring a permanent smile to your face, but, this beautiful colored lining also helps to be able to see inside the bag more clearly and find exactly what you’re looking for. And, who has time to be digging around aimlessly looking for items in your bag? Oh, and did I mention, the lining of this bag is also waterproof? What?!!!!! A-maze-ing!
  • Bottom of Bag - The bottom of the Aquila Tote bag is made of Vegan Leather and has 4 metal feet, one on each corner of the bag. This not only keeps your bag clean when you set it down on any surface, but also gives the bag stability to keep it upright and not toppling over, spilling out all your goods.
The Details - Lastly, the details on this bag take it to the next level. I love all the gold accents, on the straps and handles, as well as the gold zipper closure across the top of your bag to keep everything contained.

You can get your own Aquila bag HERE!


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