Fall Announcements: New Colors & More!

Fall Announcements: New Colors & More!

Introducing NEW Fall Colors:

Happy fall y’all! We are so excited to introduce our two NEW colors available this fall.

Black Nylon

Whether the season of fall means to you a sudden drop in temperature, starting a new school year, or a slow transition away from summer styles, Black Nylon with Watermelon Lining is the color for you. The classic black exterior is such an easy way to transition into the new season, and we are keeping it fun and fresh with the hot pink, watermelon-colored lining. We are so excited about adding black to our nylon selection of bags for fall because the material is lighter than our vegan leather, so you have more options this season!

Coffee and Cream

(coffee brown exterior with a cream lining)
With cooler days and sweater weather approaching, it is important to have a bag to match. Coffee and Cream is our autumnal take on a dark brown to match the latest trends, while still keeping it versatile enough to match anything you might throw on. From leggings to dresses, this color won’t skip a beat. It’s ready for fall, but most of all it keeps you from having to worry about one more thing while we go through this seasonal shift. 


In addition to our new fall colors, we also have some exciting announcements to share regarding some upgrades we have made as well! 

Many of our bags will now have a luggage sleeve, including:

ALL Gemini Bags

The Navy Aquila Bag

Gemini Minis in the colors: Navy, Black, and Almond

Fabric Upgrade: Almond

Our NEW Almond Fabric is here. 

Interior Lining Upgrades: 


The interior lining for all Taupe bags will be changed

from Gold to Cream.


All Solid black vegan leather bags will have an Aqua lining!

Accessory Upgrade:

We now have an XXL strap size available. An extra 2" has 

been added to our XL straps to provide another length option. 


Stay tuned for future announcements, exciting drops, and more style tips! For now, we hope you have a great start to the new season, and don’t forget to shop the new fall colors here!


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